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Firestorm Dynamo Air Hockey Table


New for 2010! The Dynamo Firestorm features the award-winning design and advanced technology that has made it the number one selling dynamo air hockey table in the world. Commercial grade dynamo air hockey table.




Best Shot


Designed with Tournament play in mind, fairsharesvending the number one table and sport games provider has Dynamo's BEST SHOT which includes features and performance Tournament players expect and the robust and durable construction Operators and Locations demand. No lights, no sounds, just fast action and serious play in a full-sized 8-foot package. An overhead lighting unit with integrated scoring and a protective 3-piece shield set are available, but that time-tested Dynamo durability is standard on every table.




Panther Billiard Table


New for 2010!
Valley-Dynamo is pleased to announce they are taking orders on the new Panther and the Panther ZDX pool tables! The Panther incorporates many changes that you have been requesting over the last few years. This table has a sleek new look that will be sure to put a gleam in players eyes as well as dollars in the cash box. The look comes from our new corner casting and trim design, every part is now flush with the top rail, eliminating the need for players to evaluate their cues on shots around the pockets. Fairsharesvending have also dramatically improved playability on this table game with our new 5 bolt cushion rail system. In addition we have been able to ass many enhancements to the program of our Panther ZDX table including a Mars DBA. Both of these new tables will be wrapped in Cheyenne Leather, Valley's most popular laminate from the early 80's




Black Cat Billard Table


Charcoal laminate with crystal flecks, black chrome corners and matching trim for a sleek modern look.

  • Black Down corners & rail caps
  • Down corners feature matching inlaid laminate and rail caps.
  • Effortless one-person leveler
  • Using a standard wrench, one person can level a table in minutes
  • Solid poplar hardwood cushion rails & top rails
  • Imported Belgian balls
  • Magnetic cue ball separator
  • Replaceable coin chute housing
  • 3/4" solid core plywood cabinet
  • Quick-change rubber pocket liners
  • One piece ball collector
  • Diamond markers, permanently screen printed and coated with clear melamine layer




Galaxy II: Dart Machine

Arachnid Electronic Dart Game Machine

The Galaxy II is Arachnid's newest soft-tip electronic dart game machine. It contains all of the original Galaxy™ features and more! The Galaxy II dart machine comes with a flashy 15" color monitor for easier viewing, and superb color graphics. It also has a whole new set of inventive "Speed Games" that are sure to add an exciting twist to the game of darts.

  • Good visibility
  • A new challenge for players
  • Easier for operators and players
  • No league cards
  • Secured league collection
  • Great connectivity
  • Easy customization
  • A simple way to advertise
  • Player recognition
  • More accurate play
  • Continue using existing machines
  • Less competition for phone lines
  • Saves time


  • UI Color Monitor 15"
  • Speed Games
  • Automated league mode
  • Download league configurations
  • Download league standings
  • Network multiple machines
  • Setup mode
  • Attract Screens
  • Customized "WIN" screens
  • Missed dart detector
  • Backwards compatibility
  • Modem call out
  • Simplified network configuration





Cougar Eye


The tavern-tested Shelti Eye² combines the best features of past models with smart user-friendly updates in a structurally solid single piece base, with vinyl covered ¾" plywood cabinet. A familiar hinged cabinet design arcade video game machine makes the game easy to set up, break down and transport. The back is fully enclosed with a locking door to provide protection and easy access to internal components.

Player enhancements include a new face-forward angled overhead scoring unit, universal 110v light and newly enlarged LCD display for optimal player viewing. The programming keypad, expandable controller design and engineered space for the addition of an aftermarket dollar bill acceptor are just a few features that help put you ahead of the game.





Archanoid Inc.

Super Shuffle (Formerly "Knock Off") Arachnid Inc. has added bowling to the 5-1/2-foot electronic shuffleboard table and changed its name to Super Shuffle. Super Shuffle features league play, tournament play, and casual play. The cabinet is part shuffleboard, part video game. Players launch a real-life puck across an abbreviated shuffleboard-style playfield toward the back of the cabinet. A sensor tracks its speed and trajectory, then projects that via a virtual puck onto the flat screen monitor. Super Shuffle now comes with seven different games including Knock Off 11, Knock Off 15, Leader of The Puck, First to 21, Crazy Shuffle, and the new games Classic Bowling and Split/Second Bowling. Sam Zammuto, Co-President, commented about the new game, "We added bowling to the main menu with new hot looking graphics. The game is capable of automatic league and tournament play, giving operators another option for promotion play in bars, taverns, and restaurants. All the updates for the extra bowling games are free on the BullShooter Web site for the Knock Off Shuffle/Super Shuffle.

What it Does:

  • Hi-Speed Wireless, Web Ready
  • Automated Scoring, no Miss-Scores or Cheating
  • Paperless Leagues, LeagueLeader Ready
  • Player Rating System Built In * Handles Up to 4 Players / Teams
  • Tournament Chart Included How it's Made
  • Molded, Rugged Cabinet
  • Only 5 1/2′ Long, Can Fit Anywhere
  • No Wax – Ever!
  • No Climate Adjusting Needed
  • Large LCD, Color Monitor
  • HotButton Convienence
  • Can't Play It For Free





The Tour Edition is the Premium table preferred by discerning players and operators everywhere.


  • Three-man Goalie Octagon Handles High-density rubber bumpers Ultra-smooth polymer coupled with mirror-finish rods for effortless movement with minimal maintenance 3/4" play-field
  • 4-coin Push-Chute coin mechanism Full-Access Top
  • Just a Puck, No Trackball



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